We Remember an Iconic Architectural Masterpiece – Notre Dame

Amidst the heart-wrenching tragedy of the fire that consumed much of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, the solidarity and commitment from around the world to preserving history and culture — and rebuilding this iconic architectural masterpiece — is extraordinary.

Built in 1163 and completed in 1345, Notre-Dame is the most famous of the Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages, and considered a true jewel to France and many around the world.

Commitment to Rebuilding a Precious Symbol to All

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to rebuild the site, and French moguls and institutions from around the globe have started to pledge their commitment and resources to reconstructing this precious symbol.

The Arnault family and the LVMH Group have pledged 200 million euros, along with creative, architectural and financial resources, to assist with the reconstruction work.

François-Henri Pinault, CEO of luxury goods conglomerate Kering, and his father, François Pinault, will donate €100 million to the cause.

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« Cette tragédie frappe tous les Français et bien au-delà, tous ceux qui sont attachés aux valeurs spirituelles et au patrimoine. Face à un tel drame, mon père et moi-même avons décidé de participer à l’effort qui sera nécessaire à la reconstruction complète de Notre Dame de Paris afin de redonner vie au plus vite à ce joyau de notre culture. » François-Henri Pinault #notredamedeparis …………………. “The Notre-Dame tragedy strikes all French people, as well as all those with spiritual values and those who care about history and culture. Faced with this tragedy, my father and I have decided to contribute to the funds needed to fully rebuild Notre Dame de Paris, in order to bring this jewel of our heritage back to life as soon as possible.” François-Henri Pinault #notredamedeparis 2/3 Photo by Matteo Colombo

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The Bettencourt Meyers Family & L’Oréal Group will donate 100 million euros for the efforts as well.

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La famille Bettencourt Meyers & le Groupe L’Oréal ont décidé de participer à la renaissance de la Cathédrale de Notre-Dame et annoncent un don de 100 millions d’euros au fonds dédié à la reconstruction de ce symbole du patrimoine français et de notre histoire commune. 86 000 salariés de L’Oréal, tous émus par cette tragédie, auront également la possibilité de contribuer à la reconstruction de ce monument emblématique qui inspire les hommes et les femmes à travers le monde. ?? ????????????????????? *** ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? The Bettencourt Meyers Family & L’Oréal Group donate 100 million euros to the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, contributing to the renaissance of a precious symbol of French heritage and common history. Expressing solidarity for the Notre-Dame tragedy, 86 000 employees will also be able to contribute to the reconstruction of this iconic monument which inspires men and women around the world.

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Mon coeur va aux parisiens!

Even in its most heartbreaking moments, the city of Paris and its people become stronger, and even more beautiful. Vive la France!