Audi’s foray into the electric automobile market is a complete success.  The quality control and attention to detail that Audi has become known for highlights the biggest difference between the E-Tron and other electric SUV competitors.  The E-Tron is an Audi first and an electric car second.

Photo Courtesy by www.diariomotor.com

This makes it the ideal transition to an electric car in terms of handling and style, weight and power.  It rides with extreme comfort and an incredible silence thanks to the acoustically insulating windshield and side glass as well as extensive underbody insulation.  The customary whiny sound of an electric vehicle is thankfully not heard as Audi made sure to eliminate this by encasing the motors in polyurethane boxes which are mounted to the subframes through rubber bushings.

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With sufficient power ranging from 350-400 horse power depending on the mode (drive vs sport), the ride is smooth even upwards of 90 mph when driven on appropriate roads for this speed limit.  The high tech regenerative electrohydraulic assisted braking is able to amply recharge without feeling the typical drag or ‘pull’ of previous hybrid or electric cars from other brands. 

The E-Tron gets approximately 250 miles or 400 kilometers per charge and while the home charging is around 8 hours, at the 150kW charging stations that are becoming more popular a 30 minute charge will provide up to an 80% charge.  

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Perhaps the coolest feature is the world first use of two high definition cameras instead of side mirrors on the doors.  They will project onto OLED screens inside the door for a clearer view.  These improve the aerodynamics and reduce the width of the already sleek design by 15cm.

For the tech savvy, Audi’s E-Tron can connect with Alexa to preheat the car from home or ask how much charge is left. This feature is a two-way street, able to turn on lights or set specific music to play at home while in the car.

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