The Advantages of Owning a Tesla

Innovation drives the progress towards a better future and with a Tesla one can drive that innovation for a sublime experience.  Every feature is designed to enhance the simplicity and purity of the driving experience.  Keyless entry and ignition is just the beginning, tap the brakes to ‘wake up’ the car and be ready to drive. Put the car in park and the car automatically turns off.  Close the doors and walk away and it automatically locks. 

Photo Courtesy by tuhomologacion.com

Not impressed?  They have retractable door handles make the car sleeker and more aerodynamic.  In the Model S, air suspension allows the car to automatically lower suspension on the highway for greater efficiency and raise up again when exiting the highway.  Pure genius.

Photo Courtesy by autoscout24.es

Many question the range and charging of electric vehicles but Tesla has answered all these easily.  All charging stations show up in the navigation system and light up when in range.  As more stations are added the map gets updated automatically.  With updates to the range with each new version, Tesla continues to push the boundaries making it exceedingly rare that anyone but the most intrepid road tripper would be constrained by the fact that the car needs to be charged. The Model S 100D is rated as being able to drive 514 miles at 45 mph on a single charge!

Another crucial attribute is that Tesla has been consistently rated one of the safest brands of car to drive.  While the acceleration is way above the industry standard, so is safety.  A feature called Traction Control allows for extra grip and feel for winding roads or rainy conditions.  

Photo Courtesy by topgear.com

Participate in the acceleration of the future.  Electric is on the way to becoming the standard, perhaps sooner than later, but now is the best time to join the bandwagon.  No longer in its infancy the product is fantastic but still rare enough to stand out and be a pioneer, doing what can be done to reduce emissions and positively influence other people.