Surf’s Up at these Top Surfing Beaches

Summer is here and the warmer weather brings water temperatures that are ideal for surfing. Not all surfing spots are year round though and knowing where to go can make or break your experience.

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California is quintessential to surfing historically and culturally thanks in no small part to The Beach Boys, great weather and accessibility for most of the US. Trestles, Orange County is one of the most respected surfing destinations in California. With five spots providing a variety of right and left breaking waves, easy paddle-outs and opportunities for beginners as well as fun high quality breaks for experts, this is a must visit for surfers.

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For the traveler looking for surf, or the surfer looking to travel, Tropic Surf is the way to go. An Australian based company with over 25 years experience in the surfing industry, they have expert guides in exotic locations around the world with the mission to have you “ride the best waves of your life in safety, comfort, skill and style.” Take a short flight across the border to Los Cabos, Mexico and there are many different points and breaks to be explored but the best thing to do is “avoid surfing in town and head out to the East Cape. Nine Palms is a magic wave in a beautiful setting. Great through the summer months with the south swells” – Martin Reynolds, Senior Surf Guide, Tropic Surf.

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Those seeking a more adventurous wave in Mexico should check out Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca. With a great surf season from March to December and strong barrels it is the main attraction but the summer brings big waves, not for the faint of heart.

Another amazing option is Costa Rica where Tropic Surf runs the program at the Four Seasons at Peninsula Papagayo. While the hotel is in a stunning location, Martin’s tip is to “head down to the south and surf the beautiful waves at Pavones and Matapalo, incredibly long waves breaking right off the jungle.”

Photo Courtesy by tropicsurf.com