Ireland is a small island full of life, big personalities, fun people, natural splendor and more.  

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Galway has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages when it was a fishing village. There is traditional music being played by buskers on the street and bands in pubs such as the King’s Head Pub which has live music every night and has been a part of Galway for over 800 years.

The city comes alive in the summer with festivals and day trips to nearby wonders. The Cliffs of Moher are spectacular and make one feel a sense of awe as panoramic views are taken in.  The fresh ocean breeze will energize and peering over the edge will mesmerize, so do so with caution.  Standing on the big cliffs make one feel small yet also expands the mind’s eye and imagination.

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Connemara is another one of the legendary beauties of Ireland conjuring images from a Lord of the Rings type of world, fantastical and almost hard to believe it exists in reality.  From the rugged landscape to the curated gardens, any direction provides captivation and inspiration.

There are many festivals to take part in, perhaps the most famous is the Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival, which has taken place for over 64 years making it the world’s longest running Oyster Festival.  There are competitions, tastings, a gala, cooking classes and of course oysters everywhere.

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Galway is becoming known for it’s gastronomy scene, staying true to the local flavors at Michelin starred restaurants Loam and Aniar.  Both use nearby foraged ingredients and traditional cooking and preservation methods for a truly authentic and delicious Irish experience.  Anyone looking for a catalyst for their own cooking can take a walking tour to see some of the producers, brewers, entrepreneurs and chocolatiers that make Galway the culinary scene it is.

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Enjoy any of these experiences which will provide a lasting memory and great stories to tell friends and family.  

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