Anyone looking for a tropical paradise vacation will thoroughly enjoy the many idyllic islands Fiji has to offer.  With 332 islands (and only a third of them inhabited), 1000 miles of white sand beaches, beautiful lagoons, numerous coral reefs and gardens, the options are nearly endless.  

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For scuba divers it is a bucket list expedition as the water is warm, visibility is exceptional (120 feet is not uncommon) and the variety of dive sites available within a day trip is unmatched.  Fiji is known as the soft coral capital of the world providing astonishing colors when the currents flow. Somosomo Strait has a wide spectrum of colors highlighted be Rainbow Reef in Taveuni.  Dives are reliant on the right conditions of currents, tides and nutrient levels in the water which affect the soft coral activity, recommended for experienced divers.  Many dives are drift dives allowing you to see large lengths of coral walls and cover a lot of ground. 

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The Shark Reef Marine Reserve at Beqa Lagoon allows for numerous shark sightings both in quantity and type of sharks.  Present are bull sharks, whitetip reef sharks, blacktip reef sharks, sicklefin lemon sharks, tawny nurse sharks and maybe even tiger sharks.  With a dive depth of 98 feet it is accessible for most levels of experience, Beqa Dive Adventures has a special dispensation from PADI to take all levels due to their strict safety protocols and diver supervision. 

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The best time to go to Fiji is from April to October.  While diving is possible all year long, the weather, visibility and lower risk of rain or storms make April to October ideal.  The water temperature is often no lower than 70 F (21 C) so while a wetsuit is recommended, the thickness of 3 to 7 mm is a personal preference.

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Whether visiting for a relaxing getaway, staying at the award winning luxurious Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort or on a liveaboard excursion to maximize your diving opportunities, scuba will be a highlight of the vacation, enjoy it!

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