Africa’s Gentle Giant—Dine with Giraffes at Giraffe Manor

Photo Courtesy by rhinoafrica.com

“I had a farm in Africa” is the famous opening line by Meryl Streep in the film Out Of Africa based on the life of Karen Blixen. Giraffe Manor is part of The Safari Collection and consists of luxury lodges and camps that pay homage to Blixen and her partner Finch Hutton (played in the film by Robert Redford).

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At Giraffe Manor you can elect to stay in either Karen Blixon or Finch Hutton’s rooms which are adorned with original pieces belonging to Blixen – although to the best of our knowledge they shared a room which is where the most famous romance in Africa blossomed. The property is set on private land bordered by indigenous forest in the Langata suburb of Nairobi. With its old-school elegance, sunny terraces and open courtyards, guests often say it’s like walking into the film Out of Africa.

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If you’ve never been to Africa, Giraffe Manor is the excuse you’ve been searching for. Only in this special place will you see unobstructed views of the sky and animals roaming freely around you.

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If you do stay at Giraffe Manor, you will be greeted every morning by a herd of friendly giraffes that know that they will be amply fed if they visit you on the lawn or pop their heads through your window. While Giraffe are some of the gentlest wild creatures in Africa you will also have the pleasure of taking an excursion to search for the big five – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo. The big five got their name from being some of the most dangerous game, but don’t worry you will be accompanied by expert guides who will ensure your safety (and if that is not good enough just make sure you can run faster than the person next to you).

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The Safari Collection also has an expedition to see the famous Virunga Gorillas who recently gained attention in the Executive Produced Leonardo DiCaprio Netflix documentary special “Virunga.” The gorillas are located in the continents most diverse biologically protected area. We promise you there is nothing that compares to being allowed in the presence of these critically endangered species.

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At Giraffe Manor you’ll freely disconnect from daily hustle and bustle of cars, traffic, loud noise and endless commutes. Here, you’re asked to reconnect with a side of yourself you never knew you missed. You will go to bed with the sounds of lions and hyena’s and wake up to giraffe, elephants, kudu, impala’s and so much more. You will eat the freshest most delicious food in the world prepared by expert chefs, bathe in a pool overlooking Africa and have a night cap watching the sun set—with every hue visible—unobstructed by anything man- made.

Photo Courtesy by discoverafrica.com

Only in Africa will you find yourself and realize that there is so more to life than you thought possible. This is a trip of a lifetime.