Instagram’s Top Wellness Influencers

From fitness inspiration and healthy eating to yoga retreats and self care, these wellness warriors deliver motivation to their many followers through their well-curated Instagram feeds.

Remi Ishizuka

As a top health & wellness influencer, Global Adidas ambassador and source of lively inspiration, Remi Ishizuka is a rising star in the fitness realm.

? Story time!???? – ??2006-2010: During college I gained the freshmen 20, ate like crap, partied wed- sun, and barely worked out – ??2010-2013: After college I worked in fashion and developed a bald spot from stress. I was under sooo much pressure and the staff I worked with were not kind. I turned to the gym to help regain a sense of confidence. I got a membership and started going in the morning, before work. I tried to be consistent but would fall off track for months at a time – ??2013-2014: I left the stressful fashion job and was unemployed for a year figuring out what was next for me. During this time I completely fell off my gym routine, again – ??2014-2016: Enrolled into an interior design school and landed a job as an office manager at a reputable hospitality design firm where I could finally pursue my dream. I was working while going to school and began to gain my confidence back slowly as I went to hot yoga. It helped me get a better sense of who i was and is one of the reasons I still love it – ??2016-2018: I thought interior design would be my career path, but it was during this time that I truly found a passion that made me JUMP out of bed in the morning. I got absolutely hooked on working out AND eating well and saw it as a lifestyle. i actually enjoyed it. I was training day in and day out and felt mentally, physically and emotionally stronger than ever. I built self love and confidence on the way – ??Present day: Never looking back. I’ve fallen off track with my fitness more times then I can count in the last 8 years but to me, its the number of times I showed up and tried that matters. For more inspo and seriously amazing women check @onherturf #ad????

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Guru Jagat

Known for her Kundalini teachings and helping others find their spiritual awakenings, best-selling author and yogi Guru Jagat offers sought-after yoga experiences.

Lee Tilghman

One of the top wellness bloggers and influencers, Lee Tilghman inspires countless women with recipes, a holistic lifestyle and a focus on self care.

Heather Lilleston

As the co-founder of New York’s beloved Yoga for Bad People, known for its lighthearted, fitness-focused yoga classes and exotic retreats, Heather Lilleston has developed a large, celebrity-filled following.

sunrise, sunset ?

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