The Gates Foundation has been making incredible contributions around the world for almost twenty years.  Apart from generously donating billions of dollars, the foundation makes sure the money has a real purpose of empowerment and development.  “By giving people the tools to lead healthy, productive lives, we can help them lift themselves out of poverty.”  They focus on the USA (Washington State) and abroad realizing the importance of giving help to all kinds of people who need it.

Courtesy photo by gatesfoundation.org

One of their important programs focuses on the healthcare and education of those in poverty in developing countries.  The team of philanthropists headed up by Bill and Melinda Gates take a specific problem and investigate it thoroughly to find the most effective ways to make a difference.  Looking at the millions of children who die every year from malnutrition and others who live with a lack of nutrition, the Gates Foundation knew it had to help.  They analyzed the most important facets of a child’s development and discovered that the first 1000 days are critical, providing nutritional supplements for key vitamins and minerals.

Courtesy photo by gatesfoundation.org

Women’s health during pregnancy also plays a huge factor so apart from nutritional supplements, the importance of education for women is a priority as well.  Huge advances have been made and the 2020 goal is to prevent 1.8 million malnutrition related deaths.  Since nutrition is only 1% of global foreign aid, philanthropy is the only way to make significant strides to saving these lives.

The Gates Foundation is perhaps best known for combatting diseases such as malaria, HIV and polio.  Polio is almost eradicated and both malaria and HIV are drastically reduced thanks in large part to the funding for research and vaccinations.  It comes as no surprise that the creator of Microsoft, for many years the richest man in the world, has money to donate.  That being said, to see all the incredible achievements that he has accomplished with that wealth is a shining beacon of light to those in need and an inspiration for those others who have the opportunity to help make a difference.

Courtesy photo by whywaittoseetheworld.com